Joey GΓΆksu

Joey Goksu

a passionate remote software engineer who loves storytelling

my Products

Team Spirit version: alpha - anonymously gather feedback from your team version: alpha - is the easiest way to get more views on your tweets and be seen by a bigger audience.

my Open Source Projects

prime-nestjs - πŸ’ͺ NestJS framework boilerplate with a bunch of features

prime-react-native - πŸ“± All-In-One RN Template for Indie Hackers

sky design - πŸŒƒ the design reference for the developers who care about good design

mobile design resources - πŸŒ„ A curated list of mobile design resources

architection - architectural styles detection using MobileNet V1 - Tensorflow

mockingbird theme - 🐀 Vscode Theme Mockingbird

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