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s1e0 pilot - the second renaissance

s1e0 pilot - the second renaissance


April 08, 2020

hello world!

I was planning to start a youtube channel. But the problem was context. Time is important and I’m kinda perfectionist.

A week ago I saw a video about perfectionism - video link

Then I understand that “done is better than perfect”. Also, I found a great subject for season one. I’ll start 6 startups in the next 6 months. It’s dope.

I was having another problem with the writing story. But after a couple of clicks, I found the “Dan Harmon story circle structure”.

Here is my first episode of the script.

A character is in a zone of comfort

I believe that visual storytelling powerful tool for explaining. As an engineer, I would like to express myself in my apps, codes… But these are not enough. In the last couple of years, I have been traveling and I saw great people, great places and great opportunities.

But they want something

I want to do something different which people gonna love. I decided to make a video series to explain myself. In season one, I want to make 6 startups in 6 months and I want to share my all story with you while thinking, searching, coding and designing.

They enter an unfamiliar situation

I know it’s gonna be tough to be motivated all these months and I even don’t know what’s gonna happen in this long journey.

Adapt to it

I believe that we’re gonna fix all problems together. I’ll share every critical moment with you while I’m working on it.

Get what they wanted

I want to make a difference in the educations system every time. I think we are gonna learn a lot of stuff while doing it. That’s the way of a system that how I want to learn something every time.

Pay a heavy price for it

This is a kinda big and time-consuming experiment.

Then return to their familiar situation

End of the experiment, we’re gonna be a significant community.

Having changed

Nothing will be the same as before. We’ll all changed.



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