Joey Göksu

Joey Goksu

a passionate remote software engineer who loves storytelling

Hi, I’m Joey, a passionate sr. software engineer specializing in fault-tolerant, highly available, well-crafted applications with %90+ test coverage.

I have developed/contributed applications that are under high transaction stress by 300k monthly active users. Performance, automation, and testings are my main key criteria for my development process.

My experiences are including:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering
  • 5+ years proven software development experience
  • Design, build & manage micro-services and backend API’s for high traffic applications
  • Ability to clearly communicate ideas, best practices, and problems to the team
  • Write clean, efficient, and reusable codes
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to solve complex problems
  • Experience with AWS, Google Cloud, and other cloud platforms
  • Experience with (CI/CD) continuous integration and deployment (Jenkins, CircleCI, GitHub Actions)
  • Experience with unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing (E2E)
  • Proficiency in Node.js and its frameworks such as Express, Koa, etc.
  • Be self-reliant, highly motivated, and focused on perfecting results
  • Solid knowledge of Scrum's Fundamentals and understanding of Agile.
  • Experience with tools such as JIRA, Notion, Figma
  • Remote-work evangelist, love building-in-public, visualizing ideas on Twitter

» Hard Skills: NodeJS, Typescript, NestJS, GraphQL, React Native, ReactJS

» Experienced: AWS, Kubernetes, Linkerd, Serverless Frameworks, CI/CD Pipelines, Unit/Integration/e2e tests, TDD, BDD

» Areas of Interest: Fintech, Serverless, Mobile Growth and Development, Applied ML Apps

💬 Send me a private message on LinkedIn, I have an open profile!

📧 Email me at me[at] for speaking, interviews, job role or any other requests

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